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sâmbătă, 17 noiembrie 2012

The working class hero

Acu ceva vreme, intr-o perioada neagra, dupa decesul tragic si complet neasteptat al unei iubiri inflacarate, i used guys as a drug. Sue me, i`m a bitch, cum ziceam anterior mea maxima culpa. In asta colectionam oameni, in principal barbati - they beeing my target audience. Si, scoborand din turnul meu de cristal, am luat decizia sa spice things up with the working man. You see, i`ve never been with this simple minded creature. Artisti neintelesi, copii bogati, suflete torturate, jivine care vaneaza succesul, i`ve had it all, dar barbatul simplu, pompier, politist si alte asemenea, the good guy care presteaza munci fizice had eluded me untill then.
So i did the only thing i could, i found him, asked him out and prepared for the adventure. And, having adapted my expectations, it was actually an ok date followed by others.
And then i fell of the edge of the earth. As it often happens with me. And i promisse i`ll stop that.

Dar a fost ceva refreshing about my working class hero. He had the strenght that my artists and various other tortured souls didn`t and he had the courage to just take me in his arms and kiss me.
I hope he`s well and loved by a nice working class lady care nu ii va face rau ca simpla perversiune.
And now i`ll get lost in the fog that surrounds my house and world.

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