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vineri, 21 februarie 2014

How cool am I?

I`m a big undercover geek, i like hobbits, i know about the war against the machines, the concept of AI keeps me talking forever. Dar, i`m also the coolest person I know, sau the geekiest, it all depends.

Ma intreb cine mai are ca si job urcatul intr-o arena cu adversar pentru a apara asa-zis inocentii pana la proba contrarie? And believe you me unii judecatori sunt veritabili dragoni. And i`m not a lawyer, i`m a f^&ing jedi master! I`m f%^ing master Yoda here.

So, stfu, i`m picking up my expensive pen aka light saber and saving another helpless man from destruction.
Wellcome to the dark side. We have robes, high heels and sexy.

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